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ООО RailsMuffin 

RailsMuffin is a mature small team of world class web developers established in San Francisco in 2012. We have helped plenty of new startups and well-known businesses with their tech needs around the world. We opening a new office in St. Petersburg and looking for a locally based, energetic & talented people to join us.

Our values:

At RailsMuffin, we don’t care about your age or sex, or where you live. All that matters to us is your talent . If you can produce high-quality work and deliver it on time, well, you’ll fit right in. We believe in giving projects that suit each muffin’s skillset and professional goals. It keeps our talent inspired and prevents burn out. A work/life balance is important to us, so we make sure you work hard, but remember to play.


The bottom line: working with us is awesome. Freedom, flexibility, a competitive wage, and refreshing cold beer are just some of the muffin perks you’ll enjoy.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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