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Firmenich is not just the name of a Fragrance and Flavor company.
It is the name of a Family personally committed to its clients for more than 110 years. Combining experience with innovation, Firmenich is today the largest private company in its industry.

We are dedicated to create high quality fragrances and flavors used by our customers in their consumer brands. Quite often, the products we perfume or flavor become bestsellers in world markets.

Company foundation: 1895 In Geneva, Switzerland

• Private and family owned
• Turnover: 2.308 billion Swiss Francs in 2006
• Average growth per year since 1989: 8%
• World market share: around 14%
• Position in the market: number 3
• Position in Perfumery: number 1
• Number of employees worldwide: 4,834

• Number of operations worldwide: 50

• Number of agencies worldwide: 23

• 19 production & manufacturing sites worldwide
• 35 awards and distinctions received for achievements in R&D since 1939, including Nobel Prize awarded to our director of R&D
• 1'400 patents presently in force
• Around 10% of annual turnover invested into R&D
• Clients: the world's number one multinational manufacturers of beauty, household and fabric care products, as well as pharmaceuticals, food & drinks.


The Firmenich Fundamentals
We perfume and flavor our clients’ products
for our mutual success

Ensuring the success of our clients’ products is our “raison d’être”and the key to our future.

  • We listen to our clients in order to anticipate their needs.
  • We understand consumer trends and tastes, thus develop new concepts.
  • We deliver the winning combination of products, service and value for money.
  • We ensure that authority and accountability are closest to the client

Creativity and innovation are essential in all our activities.

  • We lead our industry in innovation from fundamental research to the fulfillment of our clients’ needs.
  • We constantly challenge ourselves to improve what we are doing.

People are our main asset. They are recognised for their talents, behaviour and integrity: they represent the Firmenich tradition.

  • We create an environment in which employees are valued, motivated and encouraged to reach their full potential.
  • We foster entrepreneurial spirit and imaginative teamwork with freedom to act within our strategic plans.
  • We recruit and develop the best talents, rewarding them accordingly.

The respect of selected standards guides our actions.

  • We maintain strictly our integrity and ethical standards.
  • We do not compromise on quality, safety or environment.
  • We comply with national and international legal requirements, adopting more demanding standards where appropriate.

We are a family-owned company. To remain independent, we pursue our policy of financial strength, improvement of earnings and return on assets.

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